Saturday, January 24, 2015


The main reason for less awareness of stammering was because of Stammerers. 

Yes, the stammerers alone are responsible. Normal speaking persons definitely can not understand & also may not know what kind of problems especially emotional turmoil that all the Stammerers are facing in their day to day life.

How could normal persons understand our problem unless WE explained to them.

It's believed that 1% of the world population are stammerers. From my experience, in that 1%, hardly about 2% alone are able to control / overcoming their stammering.

I am not going into details why the remaining 98% of the Stammerers were unable to overcome their stammering. Already I explained many times about it. So, enough is enough. But I would like to discuss about a couple of points here.

1)     I know a few stammerers for many years. But they are still afraid of uploading their voice messages in  whatsapp group because of their fear & shame which I could not understand. This is the forum for them to stammer comfortably without any fear..

2)     Similarly, majority of Stammerers even while speaking to their close friends, colleagues, always trying to hide their stammering every time as if others didn't know about their problem which is also surprising me.

Ok, let's come to ther main topic. As stated earlier only 2% of Stammerers were able successfully  overcome their stammering. That's we can assume only 0.02% of the world population are recovered Stammerers. Those recovered Stammerers alone have to create awareness about stammering which falls in the voluntary /  social activity category.

 Who else will create awareness for us?. It's our problem... Our headache.... We only have to find a solution for this.

In that 0.02% recovered Stammerers, how many of them are ready for this kind social work? Not even 10% of the above 0.02% which is very small numbers. Then, how come the awareness will reach to the public?

Most of us are unable to overcome our stammering. Always afraid of speaking even with our closed ones. Always avoiding speaking situations.

Under these circumstances, where they will get guts and courage to talk about their problems with others?

At least  TISA has come to our rescue now fairly to some extent. TISA is more active now a days. In many cities, TISA members are creating awareness about stammering. This is mainly due to tireless work being done by Dr. Sachin and a few like minded TISA members.

The only solution to create awareness is first we have to overcome our problems and talk about stammering with others. Or at least even having with the existing problems, we have to create awareness. But it requires lot of guts and courage which is very short supply now.

We should not expect others (including government) to create awareness for us.

We have to first understand that this is our problem and not others.

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  1. Yes it is we who are responsible for un-awarenes of stammering to public. If we cant use our so called intelligence in curing our own problem then what is use of such intelligence. I was planning to start an SHG in my kashmir valley but the problem is that i am still unable to accept my stammering, how come is it possible for me to create awareness about stammering... The only formula is "acceptence", "courage"... Let us not lose hope and lets come out of the shell and start showing courage without waiting for other's help...

  2. Yes, Mani. I agree. Only a stammerer can be the right advocate for the stammereres. If she/he has problems speaking, they can write and spread the message. But, many of us, neither speak, nor write - and still expect the world to understand our feelings and our issues! I am happy that your blog is moving in this direction. congrats!
    @ Harith above - please dont give up. Even if you talk to one pws on phone everyday, your self help group has begun.

  3. Thanks Dr. Sachin for your valuable advice.

  4. I completely agree with Mani Sir that we have to share our stammering emotional problem to someone but sometimes we become self centred that our only problem is the only problem in this world. The power of sharing not strengthen our acceptance but give chance to become confident.

  5. If we don't speak about stammering then who else will? How can we expect people to understand us, unless we speak out about what is going on inside us?

    Stammering is a huge iceberg, what is visible is only the tip of the iceberg. Only way to melt this is to just speak about the invisible part.

    Thanks Mani Sir for initiating this vision.

  6. Sachin sir, thanks for your advice, inshaAllah i will initiate SHG by taking the first step of talking to pws on phone. Actually i talk to pws via phone but i am not doing that at regular basis because i had no idea of SHG via voice-call.

  7. Perfect. The journey begins with acceptance of it. That really means sharing with almost everyone your all friends around the world, your office colleagues, supervisor, and last but not the least your family.