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The following was posted by Satheesh, from Trichy, TN. He is a member of Tamil Super Speakers Whatsapp Group. He is now perusing MBA at Madurai. He doesn’t have a facility to attend SHG meeting. 

But once he had visited Chennai Stammering Care Centre in the month of May’2014,stayed there for 3 days, learned speech therapy and attended one SHG meeting. That’s all. He become whatsapp member from May’2014 onwards. 

The following message was posted by him to the whatsapp group on 12.01.2015. The purpose of posting the message in this blog was to show the other PWS that there are lot of ways to achieve our goal. IF THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY.

Following is Satheesh’s post.

12-01-15 Yesterday is an unforgettable day in my life.
Yes I made it...
First time I have spoken in a mike in front of about 100 audience.

It a speech competition.  Names were shortlisted based on business plan I submitted one  month before.They selected me and they sent a mail on 3 tropics, from  which I have  to speak any one  for 5-7 min.
 I choose the following topic
1. My achievements has brought in constructive change
You would have achieved a lot in your life, kudos !
But now its time to express those  achievement that brought in constructive change in the society.

So I have planned to speak about stammering and  also planned to talk about how others may tease me in child like this I try prepare for this. I also asked  Mani sir for how to speak about stammering it is right to speak in public, like this I cleared all my doubts with Mani sir.

While I think of preparing this speech and think about my childhood days,  I cried for 2-3 times. Then I finally prepared what to speak in the stage .I typed full about my speech in a notepad.

Speech competition was held in JJ college in Trichy
While I traveling inthe bus also I thought  not to cry in stage and have to I control myself.
Then I finally entered into auditorium. I waited for my turn for 1 hour. .Then the  moment has come.

They announced in the mike
"Now I call upon Satheesh to speech"
When I stood and moved towards the stage, all audience were seeing me  only. It was really a great moment for me.

Then I started speaking about my childhood days.
I mentioned some point about my speech--
I said about how I had been teassed my all friends. Then told about my  cry in bathroom daily evenings.
I thought one day that my only problem was stammering, but I was very good at  studies  and  and decided to make all my friends to turn back to me on my getting good marks.. I studied  really  hard in the 12th standard and scored 1120/1200 and stood  school third.
When I said this, all the audience and judge stood up and clap...

It was really a great moment and didn't believe that it happened in my life.
Then I also said that now I was practicing speech therapy for the 6 months .Iit really helped  me to control my stammering .I  also said if any person having this problem, please visit www.Chennaistammering.com website and learn speech therapy in Chennai centre. It is fully free of cost.
Then 7 minutes ,no one stopped me from speaking. After 8 minutes, no one stopped my speech..
I finally concluded my speech on my own after  11 minutes.

I also  said the following:
"please friend,s don't tease others by their disability only you realize their pain when you have that problem"
There is no short cut for stammering problem.
Keep practice regularly
Surely success knock your door...
While I was speaking, I stammering on some words. But now  I was having so much confidence that I could  speak without stammering within 6 month period..

Posted by,
on the behalf of Satheesh.


  1. SHG meeting is really important for all the pws

  2. But watsapp group is really helpful to stay connected in every situation..

  3. I am Srinivasan residing in Salem, Tamilnadu.
    I am a member of whatsapp tamil group for the past one year. This group is very helpful to me in the following ways:-
    1) It is guiding in a scientific way to control and overcome stammering
    2) Motivating to do speech practice daily and to use other relevant techniques in the real life.
    3) It is the best forum where we can express and share our inner feelings.
    4) Though I am residing in Salem, this group connects me with mentor, seniors and other fellow stammmerers in all over the world for getting support and guidance.

  4. First of all my heartiest congratulations to Satheesh.

    We always heard that we stammerers are more than intelligent. But above line will only be true if we practise speech therapy daily and overcome our problem. We all know that if we stammeres only lagged in our speech. If we convert our greatest weakness to our greatest strength we can achieve anything in our life. So for this we have to consistent in practising speech therapy .

    We stammerers are introvert. "Whatsapp group" helps a lot in reducing our shame and fear. By hearing that others are practising speech therapy and achieving success in their lives we also gets motivated and by getting support of other members we inspires a lot.

    At last a I want to say that if we born stammerer its not our fault but if we die stammerer its our fault. So practise speech therapy daily and in next few months this world will be ours.

  5. Hi everyone, I m Salman Ahmed from Delhi.
    I m a whatsapp group member named Indian Super Speakers from past one month approx. this group is very helpful for me it gave me the right direction to overcome this problem by speech mechanism such as speech therapy. Before joining this group I had learnt to live with this problem throughout my life bcoz when I used to surf internet to get rid of this then there was only one option to join speech therapy center which was out of my budget. Now I feel very proud to be the part of this group. This is the right use of internet in my phone.
    I greatly thanks to Mr. Manimaran sir for creating this group & raising the (+)ve attitude inside us.
    Thank you sir...

  6. speaking in front of a gathering is really a big deal for a pws. I solute satheesh for his brave acceptance of stammering. we must learn from satheesh to face situations rather than escaping and skipping them

  7. WhatsApp group is like Swiss knife for a pws.
    You get motivation,techniques,friends,discipline and all other things a pws need.
    I have found huge change in my speech and self confidence after joining this group.
    Moreover, Mani's Sir suggestions are like cherry on cake.
    Thanks a lot for this group and keeping us united.
    Your way of caring for pws has benefited us all and cant be thanked in words.
    Vikram Sharma
    A to be soon fluent speaker.

  8. Hi Myself is Vinoth,I have been in Whatsapp Group Since May 2014,This Group helps me in many ways like improving my speech pattern,sharing thoughts with friends,sharing experiences etc and main thing is, this group makes me to speak fluently,till that time i never thought about i will speak what my mind says to others without any speech disorder,at that time only found this group has much effective because daily i am speaking with others with this group,Our ultimate goal is to recover from stammering problem,This group teaches me more about how to recover stammering, how to control and lot of experiences.It improves my confident level day by day.To be frank,Before i join to this group i afraid to speak but now i will speak with any situation and any places.This group and Weekly SHG meeting makes me to kick away the fear of speaking,and it improves my speech a lot .
    Thanks to manimaran sir .He dedicated his life for this .Hats off to you sir .I have lot to say here about whatsapp group and weekly meeting but i shared my thoughts in short message

  9. Hi, my name is Kapil Sharma from Delhi and Also a part of Delhi Tisa chapter. I am a huge fan of this whatsapp group, it motivates pws to have a good amount of sleep that is for 7 hrs. Early to bed, early to rise.

    It motivates every pws to practise speech therapy daily especially in morning for atleast for 1 year. It motivates every pws to expand your comfort zone slowly. It is the ultimate group:) I am happy that I am a part of this group and wish those hard workers to overcome his/her stammering.

  10. I am shailesh from chennai and mani sir created a whats app group. Thanks mani sir for your kind step that connectes us with eachother.That's awesome. Regards, shailesh Saxena 07845995333. You can mail me on saxena121shailesh@gmail.com

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  12. Mani Sir, your vision to the stammering care centre is indeed remarkable and a great journey for fellow stammerers to reinvent their fluency and speech.I am Rakesh Prasad from Mumbai ..I would like to join this Chennai super speakers what's app group as I am PSW (person who stammers) and thus I would speak fluently and avoid my stammering to a greater extent.
    thanks !!!!

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