Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Today meeting was a special one. I have organised a tea party for 5 of my class mates (2 from USA, one from Australia and 2 from Chennai). 11 members were attended today's meeting. Altogether 16 members were present in the today's meeting.

It's was very informative as well as an enjoyable one. Each member were spoken and everyone's speech was listened attentively by my 5 class mates.

My Class-mates

All have told that stammering is not at all a problem. Everyone has got one or two problems in their lives. No one is perfect in his life. They advised every member to cherish with the good things the God has given to them instead of always pondering over stammering problem. They advised to speak whatever way they want without bothering about others reaction. We should live for ourselves and not for others.

A PWS speech
All the 5 friends told not to afraid of others. Afterall, they were also human beings.

When one member told that he stammer more while speaking over phone. For this one of my friends asked if you stammer while conversing face to face was somewhat agreeable. Because you get fear because of his appearance, body language or his status. But while talking over phone, you were not going to see his face. May be never met him also and cannot imagine how the guy looks. Then why were you stammering over phone?
For this question I had no answer. But after the meeting, everyone felt they got some kind of extra energy from this meeting than the previous ones.

Group Discussion
Because this is due to the fact that all the 5 friends listened carefully with everyone's speech and have given lot of positive inputs.

All the 5 friends were achieved greater success in their lives in their respective fields. The members were very much happy that such a higher level personalities encouraging them.

On the behalf of Chennai Centre, I thank all the 5 friends for sparing their valuable time and gave many positive advises which most of us were hearing for the 1st time in our lives.


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  1. super mani sir...
    By seeing the photos i also eager to participate in SHG meeting...