Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dear all,

I, V.Manimaran, 57 years old am a retired Chief Engineer from a Tamilnadu state government organization. I am a Stammerer by birth. After practicing speech therapy along with acceptance and change in mindset towards stammering, now I become a “Recovered Stammerer.”

I have decided to spend my retired life to serve stammering community at free of cost. For this purpose, I have started “Chennai Stammering Care centre” at Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

I have also developed a website I have developed this website mainly for the Stammerers who are living in towns and villages, where Self Help groups and Speech Therapists are not available. I have given equal importance to both the acceptance of stammering and speech therapy in the above website.

I have tried my best and written all the articles in such a way that any Stammerer can understand it and apply the techniqus practically to overcome their stammering.

I will be happy if the Stammerers are overcome their stammering after applying the techniques given in the above website.

I kindly request you to leave your comments and feedback here for further improvements of the above website.

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