Monday, September 15, 2014

What is "Stammering under control"

What is the meaning of  “I have got control over my speech”

Usually Stammerers are used to speak at the same pitch (loudness), without any modulation, without appropriate pausing, with less body language, with less face expression with no life in their speech.

This is due to the fact that their main thinking in their mind is to speak without stammering . That’s all. No other thoughts.
After overcoming stammering, the speech will come to their control. Which means, they can speak as per their wish, as per circumstances. They can pause and talk slowly. They can also talk fast during arguments.
Suppose if a normal persons received any good news he will tell “ wow! Fantastic! I never expected it.” While telling the above, he will use his body language and facial expressions to the maximum possible extent. Also he will use modulation in his speech. Similarly, if a normal person receives any bad news, he will tell “ooh! What a bad luck! So sorry to hear this news”. Here also the normal person uses all the above , but differently.
This kind of speech is not possible by a Stammerer, until he overcome it.

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