Monday, June 15, 2015


   Surya, a member of Chennai Centre studied at Anna university, Chennai. He used to come to Chennai centre almost 5 days a week for more than one year and will participate in all the activities.
His father is a poor farmer and Surya studied with the help of bank loan. He couldn't afford to buy a smart phone and hence not in the whatsapp group. His college is 2 km from Chennai centre. He used to come by a friend’s cycle.

Suriya giving lecture practicing

He overcame his stammering within six months. But because of his rural schooling background, his English communication was poor.

Then he has attended many campus interviews but was not selected due to poor English communication.

Then I asked him to join in an English coaching centre. Also requested to speak always speak in English only whenever he comes to centre.

He sincerely followed my advised and improved his English communication to the great extent. But by that time his studies were over and went back home. 

He has attended few off campus interviews and could not succeed. Here I would like to inform about his attitude. Whenever he was not selected, he would call me and told that sir, I was not selected but defiantly get selected in the next time as he was speaking fluently without stammering. A very positive mindset indeed. In fact I felt sorry for him, but he used to console me.

Two weeks back he called me and informed that he was going to attend an interview for Bharat Petroleum Ltd (BPL) at Mumbai. I wished him all the best.

Last week, he called me from Mumbai and informed that he got selected in BPL with an annual pay package of Rs. 11.5 lakhs. 

He also told that he used his head movements very well in both GD and in the interview session and never stammered even once. He also informed that appointment order was also issued to him on the spot and he has to attend 2 months training at Mumbai from 29th June. Afterwards, he would be posted anywhere in India. 

After calling his parents first, he called me and shared this news with great joy.
I wish to inform that Suriya is a simple, humble, honest and very sincere person. Whatever techniques I taught, he simply followed  with full faith.

That's why I am time and again telling you all that don't analyse deeper about stammering and make it more complicate. 

Mr. Balasubramaniam used to tell me that those who were less educated were more successful in overcoming stammering than who were more educated. The reason being that the less educated pws doesn't know other sources, doesn't know stammering websites, no confusion in their minds whether this technique is good or not and practicing speech therapy with 100% faith. They were also giving full respect to the therapist advises. Never stopped halfway and go for another technique.

From my knowledge, this speech therapy invented by Mr.Andrew Bell is a bwet one where after overcoming stammering, pws  need not practice lifelong nor need not use any technique while speaking afterwards. You can speak like a normal person forgetting them as a stammerer. 

I am still wondering what type of therapy is practicing by Mr.Rithik Roshan for so many years. I felt very sad for him ,because some therapist  taught  him a  wrong method  and he was wasting one hour valuable time every day. Maybe this therapy works for one day only.
I have read  one article that Dubai is his feared word and he practiced 1000 times in front of a mirror. I felt very sorry for him. 

My most feared word was three, thirty three etc. Now after doing speech therapy, I can speak the above feared words even 100 times without stammering in front of any kind audience.
By this message, what I wanted to convey was don't use any intelligence in this speech therapy. Just do it for one year with full faith.

 Of course along with acceptance of your stammering. Acceptance is the first step and practicing speech therapy was like claiming further up. After you reached the destination (Overcoming stammering) you need not accept your stammering nor need not use any techniques like bouncing or prolongation, because you have started  speaking well that too spontaneously.

Anybody can definitely overcome it. Believe my words. 

Coming back to Suriya, it is a celebration time at Chennai. I am planning to arrange a party for him on 27th June. All are welcome.
On the behalf of Chennai Centre, I wish Suriya a great career in BPL. He is the number one role model in Chennai group.

(Studying MBA. Now 3 months internship with ITC at Chennai)
June 6-7
I attended an international conference in IIM Ahmadabad and I also presented a topic "customer service in hospital".
For this conference, I worked more than 3 months and finally I have achieved it.
This is my life time dream to present about my research at IIM Ahmadabad.
Due to speech practice I feel more confidence while speaking to others and I have also interacted well with other members.

Today I spoke with my senior Colleagues and my boss. I stammered very less. I found that daily speech practice of 1 hour is very important. Because of this our confidence get higher  and fear of stammering reduces automatically.. We need not  make any effort for fluent speech , it will comes out automatically.

Thank u sir....
Coz my mom and dad said, something improved my speaking skills.

Today I trained the office people about latest software which related to my job...I handled well...with Philippine Jordan and Indian office staff


  1. Hard Work Never Fails .Keep On Fighting
    By Vinoth

  2. Well done!
    Congratulations everyone!
    Mr Manimaran is doing a great work for pws!
    We wish him all the success...

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