Wednesday, January 6, 2016

There are many Hrithk Roshans in our whatsapp groups

Dear friends, 

I fully agree that Hrithik Roshan and now Salman Khan are our role models. 
They both reached greatest height.

But what about us? No need to reach their levels. But we  can achieve something with or without stammering.
One of our members who attended Mr. Balasubramaniam's course along with me was a severe stammerer. 
After sustained speech therapy, now he was speaking fairly well.

When he was stammering, he got an one year contract job at Washington. After completion of the job, he got a good job at Bangalore. Now he got promoted as a team leader in his company. Even though he stammers occasionally, but reaching this level is really a great achievement for him.

Another pws who also had attended Mr. Balasubramaniam's course was Gnanasekar. Now he has become State Bank of India auditor, auditing one branch each in  a week in A.P.

During auditing, he frequently conducted meetings. And also boldly video graphed the meetings and uploaded the videos in our whatsapp groups. Very bold person. This is a very bold  achievement for him.
When I attended for Mr. Balasubramaniam's course, my lodge room mate was also a civil engineer like me. But he was looking after his family business who are well to do
After the completion of course, he practiced for four years and completely overcome his stammering. He is the only graduate in his family. After overcoming his stammering in the year 2005,he started introducing navel ideas in the business and developed it into multi-fold. Last year he purchased a Benz car and told me that still he has to go a long way. He confessed to me that if he was still stammering, he would not came to this level. This is called real achievement. Hats off to him.

Take Mr. Balasubramaniam's case himself. After attending stammering course at Scotland in 1989,he quit Govt job, practiced speech therapy daily for 6 months. And also he used to conduct courses monthly once upto 2005. Simultaneously, he has started a foundry company at Coimbatore and with hard work become a highly successful business man. Last year he started second company. Every year he used to tour few countries. Still I am having touch with him. Whenever he comes to Chennai, I used to meet him. Because he is my guru though he is 5 years younger than me. He is also a role model like Hrithik Roshan.

Even I had achieved something in my professional life. 
First when I was in Chennai Metro water. In 2001,I was entrusted to prepare project reports , floating and awarding tenders, execution of the works and also maintenance of 4 Nos of sewage treatment plants (STP). 
These works generally should be entrusted to post graduate 
( environment engg) persons. But my management had faith on me ( B.E civil engg) and entrusted the work to me.

The central govt is funding for this work. More over the specialty of this project is usage of gas engine for electricity production using biogas(methane) as fuel which is first time trying in South India. 
I went to Delhi for 8 times for convincing and approving the project reports for the 4 STPs.
Pl keep it in mind that I was a modreate stammerer that time with only English was the medium of communication.

After successfully evaluating the tenders and awarding of the 4 works, I was given in charge of construction 2 STPs. The construction period was 2 years.
I have been successfully completed both the above works within the stipulated time including installation of imported gas engines.
Till date all the 4 gas engines are running and producing electricity to run the plant. Otherwise, we have to get power supply from electricity board. By this way of running STP through gas engine produced electricity, metro water saved about Rs.30 Cr in the last 10 years. And also helped prevention of methane gas entering into atmosphere, one of the green house gases responsible for global warming.

Then, while I was working on deputation at metro rail, I had timely completed many bigger pipelines diversion work  so that metro rail work not got delayed.
I was given cash award for 3 times. And in the last time Rs.10k which was the highest cash award which no body was received. In all the 5 years of deputation period at metro rail, I have got "OUTSTANDING"  in my self appraisal report from Managing director, an I.A.S Officer. All I got these when I was mild stammerer.
By this message, what I wanted to convey is there are number of Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khans with hidden immense potentials. Because of the speech problem, their potential are not coming out.
Even now, some pws might have achieved something which they don't want to share with others. 

I request them to come forward and share with their achievements with the group members.

Lastly, I want to give my comments on uploading positive inspiration quotes. (This is purely my personal opinion only) 
I used to send such quotes for the past 10 years starting with 5 person using sms and end up around 400 with whatsapp around 2 months back. .
I might have sent more than 3000 quotes in the last 10 years. But when I was hospitalised couple of months back for a week, no quote was working for me when my headache was severe even though I tried to remember few quotes.
Similarly, when we block badly no quote will come to our rescue at that time.
The only way is we have to speak boldly all the time. 

I want to mention one more thing here. Though I am not fully overcome my stammering, but I get rid of 100% fear and shame due to stammering. While speaking I even unaware that I stammered on particular sound.
When I was hospitalised for one week, my energy level was so low that I stammered quite badly with every one including doctors, nurses & even to my wife. But no fear or shame or any kind guilty feeling. Because it is not my fault. I also didn't know why I was stammering. Then, why should I bother about my stammering and hence about my others reaction. But it is my duty to overcome my stammering. But till such time, it is my privilege to stammer.

I made you all to read a long message. But I thought it is an important one. 
I request every member to post their comments on this message. 



  1. You showed me to choose the path on myself .I am following your path now I can say I will speak 90% fluent this improvements came within one year . BEFORE That u stammer more sometimes I couldn't able to talk. But now I can convey my thoughts clearly. This speech therapy did a magic on me.You are my one of inspiration sir . Take care
    Vinoth chennai

  2. Thanks for the great overview. can you tell me the effect of out going link form the web site on Google page rank? thanks

  3. What I like most about Rithik is: he did not wait for a "cure" certified by some specialist; In stead he did whatever he could and focused on the big picture: acting, life in general... and gave back to society too!